Kezar Endurance
Come out to the track to work on your speed, endurance, and power with this cardio focused class. You'll use the track to record times, the bleachers for work on power, and a mixture of bodyweight and resistance exercises for strength. Perfect combination for anyone looking to lose weight, get faster, or become stronger!

Natural Strength
Build up your strength with the use of our natural environment and terrain. Work up from foundational movements to more complicated exercises to build muscle, increase mobility, and strengthen your heart.

Athletic Movement
Learn to move with fluidity and awareness like an athlete. Build up your agility, coordination, balance, and strength through drills, exercises and games. 

Outdoor Boxing Conditioning
Bring out your gloves and get ready to start throwing some punches! Our boxing conditioning class will teach you the basics of throwing punches, combinations, movements, and exercises that boxers perform. This class is a great mix of cardio and strength and a lot of fun!

Outdoor Circuit

Get your strength and cardio on by moving through stations that will challenge your body, balance, and mind. Class will start with a 10 minute warm up/mobilization, go through different circuits for 40 minutes, and warm down for the last 10 minutes. This is perfect for those who don't want to run as much.