Come play with us

Can't make it to our morning classes but still want to hang out? Check back here for events that we are hosting, attending, or supporting throughout the year.


Chase the Lights

Join Alex and the gang for a fun and unique race around San Francisco. This 5k(ish) fun run is a point to point run where you have to follow the street lights. At green lights you must run straight, at red lights you have to turn left or right, and at stop signs you can go an direction. There is no set course so you'll have to make sure your navigation is on point!  Visit for more information. 

RunWay Challenge

If you're looking for some new running routes around the city then join lululemon ambassadors Alex, Angela, and Mike as they release one of their favorite running routes each month. Finish them all and be entered to win a full running kit! 

City Beer Runs

City Beer Runs combines fully supported 5K and 10K runs with some of the best beer around to create one big run loving social event! Each run starts at a local brew house and works it way through city streets before ending back at the host watering hole for a post run social!