Client Spotlight - Elena Garvey

1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What do you like most about classes?

I've been training with Alex for years and absolutely love it.  He's awesome. The class camaraderie is the best.  I feel challenged, supported and a badass at times.  I kind of plan my life around classes.

2) What are some of your top athletic and non athletic achievements?

Athletic -  Running the NYC Marathon in 3:50
Non-Athletic -Living in a mini van for 3 months traveling around NZ with my husband

3) What would you say your passions are?

Traveling, working out and bad reality tv

4) You’ve been on some amazing trips in your life, what was your favorite?

This is tough. I can't just pick one.  I'll pick two. Quitting my job and traveling for a few months to Fiji, New Zealand and Bali.  And, my trip to Tanzania - hiking Mt Kilimanjaro and going on a safari during the great migration.

5) What past action (big or small) did you take to improve the quality of your life?

Committing to bootcamp 2-3 days a week and turning off electronics an hour before bed.  I would also love to get a massage once a month.  I need to make that a goal!

Client Spotlight - Annabelle Lam

1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What do you like most about classes? Any advice for people who are scared to join an outdoor bootcamp like Revision Athletics?  

I started working with Alex before Basic Training became Revision Athletics!  I think it was about 4 years ago when I still worked at Del Monte in SF.  We had corporate sponsored classes and I started taking them with Alex.  It was incredibly intimidating at first because for the longest time all I did was yoga and I was never a very good aerobics person.  Alex and the rest of class was very supportive and encouraging.  It was nice to work out with other people who were around my athletic level.  I lost 10 lbs the first 6 week session.  My self confidence in terms of how I felt about myself and my body really changed because of the classes. Then he moved to Hayes Valley and I started taking classes with people who were more athletic.  For a while it was very intimidating because I was always the slowest and always struggling to even make it through class.  Alex really helped me to work on my mental state and push through and accept myself for where I was at that moment.  As I've gotten stronger my confidence has also grown.  I am still usually the slowest in class but I feel so much stronger about it now.  Every time I finish a class I am so proud of myself and its great to see the results.  

For new people I would just say dive in and do your best.  Everyone is so nice and Alex tailors the classes for individual levels.  Don't be scared; its fun! 

2) What’s your advice to staying as happy as your are?

Ha!  A good sense of humor helps.  Life's too short to get hung up on dumb shit.  I barely have enough energy to make it through the day let alone trying to control things I can't control.

3) Do you have any big goals your working on (fitness, work, life, etc.)?

Work:  I'm trying to make it to the next level in my new job.  Hopefully that will happen soon. Fitness:   I'd like to improve my running, aerobic and endurance skills.  But that's always my goal. haha.

4) What is one thing you would like people to know about you?

Erm, I'm a good friend

5) What’s the most fun thing you’ve done in the past year?

New Job, New apt and tropical vacations!

Client Spotlight - Paul Llewellyn

1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What do you like most about classes? Any advice for people who are scared to join an outdoor bootcamp like Revision Athletics?

I first started training with Alex about 5 years ago.  I love the group camaraderie in Revision Athletics and the fact that every class is different.  To those who are scared to join an outdoor bootcamp, I would encourage then to just give it a try.  Everyone at Revision Athletics is incredibly supportive and friendly, and after trying an outdoor bootcamp you will never want to go back to a gym. 

2) You’ve done a lot of big changes in the past few years (starting your own business, getting a dog, having a kid, about to have another kid), what’s the next big adventure for you? 

In addition to welcoming a new baby in August, the next big adventure is moving to Mill Valley later this month.  I have lived in San Francisco for nearly 10 years, so it’s going to be a transition, but I love Marin, and it’s only a few minutes from the City!

3) What drives you in life? Professionally? Physically? 

My family and career are both very important to me.  First and foremost, I love spending time with my wife and 2 year old daughter.  Professionally, I started my own law firm just over 4 years ago and we have now grown to 9 lawyers, working on high-stakes litigation.  Last month, I was selected as one of the top 40 lawyers in California under the age of 40, a position I held for 2 weeks before I turned 40! 

4) Do you have any special or quirky talents or skills?

I am very good at signing up for marathons.  Running them…not always so.

5) What do you enjoy most about San Francisco? 

Coming from England originally, it feels a very “European” city.  I love that it’s compact, has excellent restaurants, and has lots of nearby outdoor space nearby including the Presidio, Golden Gate Park and the Marin Headlands.

Client Spotlight - Lars Jensen

1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What do you like most about classes?

With Alex, several years ago as part of Basic Training. With Revision Athletics, from its inception. The best things about the program are the fantastic outdoor venues we get to be in year round, and the people that participate. Without both those things I doubt I would have kept at it this long.

2) How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Peer pressure (see #1). The hardest part is swinging my legs out of a nice warm bed at 6:30 and pulling the covers back. Once I do that, I'm on autopilot. I set the alarm just early enough to allow for one snooze and nothing else, so there's no chance to get distracted or think about not coming. That's why I'm very occasionally late.

3) You have some special knowledge about space, how did you get into that?

I always liked outer space stories in the movies, starting back when I thought they were real. That stuck with me as I started to learn about the scale and exoticism of what was actually up there. I got a physics degree, with a concentration in astrophysics. I wanted to be an astronaut, but I found out that about one out of four thousand applicants gets in, and even then there's no guarantee you'd actually "get your ride". I didn't like those odds, and figured I would be more likely to get to space by making enough money to buy a ticket some day. I'm still working on that.

4) Were you athletic or active growing up? How has that transferred into your daily life?

I was terrible at organized sports, not coordinated or interested in that stuff at all. Especially running, ugh! I grew up on farms and ranches, and hauled a lot of hay, so I could do more than one pull-up back then. I started skiing in high school and tried a bunch of different sports in college, but nothing stuck for more than a quarter or two. Revision Athletics is my first actual ongoing fitness program. And I still don't like running.

5) What are your favorite places to travel to or visit?

It used to be the Bay Area until I moved here. Now it's wherever I get a chance to go. As long as I can stay off the freeway I have no problem finding interesting things on the road.

Client Spotlight - Fletcher Payne

fletcher climbing to the top of Mt. Whitney with his son

fletcher climbing to the top of Mt. Whitney with his son

Fletcher and his family

Fletcher and his family

1)  When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? 
I started emailing with Alex for a training routine in March of 2014 and I stared working out with the 6AM group in September of 2014.

2)  What brought you to class and keeps you coming back?  
I loved being outdoors, so I thought this would be a great place to run.   As I started working out with the class I enjoyed the new challenges - especially Week Five!   After working out with the group for a couple of weeks, I realized that I really enjoyed comradery I had with the 6AM group.  

3)   What drives you in life to do what you do?  
I love thinking about where is the edge of what is possible -  can I challenging myself to do something new or trying harder when it is not easy.   I don’t like giving up or when people say “that is not possible”.

4)  What don’t people know about you that you’d like them to?    
I really enjoy being in the mountains, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking or just hanging out.  Also, I love pretending to be athletic.   

5)  What’s the hardest thing you’ve done in your life? 
I don’t know that I have done anything that is the “hardest thing in my life.”  I have been very lucky in life, and I have been diligently and worked hard on so many things.  I guess I would like to turn that question around and say raising my son Colin, has been one of my most rewarding things in life – and as any parent knows at times that is not easy.

6)  What are some challenges you want to take on this year, either physically, mentally, spiritually, or professionally?   
I did have a PR earlier this year, so I achieved one personal challenge. I need to thank Alex, Whitney and the entire 6AM group for that.  I’d would also like to climb another 14,000 foot peak (maybe two.)  They are very interesting challenges – as hard as you may try, sometime the Mountain says “no - not this time.”  So you have to learn to handle adversity and set-backs – I have had to deal with couple of set-back this year.  But you just have to keep trying!

7)  Who inspires you?
Alex – a man who runs distances that I cannot comprehend at a pace that I would be happy with for a 10 mile run.   Also I am inspired by Robert and Irene Minkowsky (7AM group).   When I get to their age - I hope I’m as active as they are!!   Robert and Irene - Keep Running!

Clint Spotlight - Priya Bhasin


1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What brought you to class and keeps you coming back?

November 2, 2015, right after I did my first race (a 10k)! I was always scared to try group workouts because I'm not a great runner, but doing the 10k gave me confidence to try Revision! The supportive, amazingly warm group of people, plus the results I'm seeing in my fitness level keep me coming back. I love working out outdoors! 

2) Has your life changed since you’ve started taking these classes? If not, is there anything in life you’d like to change?

YES!!!! I have even more energy than before, I'm stronger than I knew was possible (and getting stronger each week)! I'm learning to value strength & fitness over weight loss alone. I've also learned to exercise in the morning, which is something I once said I would "never" do.

3) What is something you want people to know about you?

That I secretly want to be a natural/holistic foods chef. Oops, secret's out! 

4) Do you have any secret talents or skills that most people don’t know about?

I make a mean green smoothie, I am a great trip/party planner, I love to dance (especially Latin music, hip hop etc). Oh, I also can open a coconut with a machete!

5) What are some challenges you want to take on this year, either physically, mentally, spiritually, or professionally? 

1. I'm trying to get better at meditating
2. I'm taking hip hop classes & would like to get better at becoming more coordinated
3. I would like to buy a bike this year to ride for exercise & fun
4. I am planning to do a sprint triathlon in September (if I can get a bike & over my fear of swimming in open water!)

Client Spotlight - Angie O'Donnell

1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? Why keep you coming to class?

I started training with Alex almost five years ago.  There are many reasons I come to class, but one primary reason is that this class gives me a lot of mental clarity.  I'm not sure how it works, but it must be a combination of the outdoors, physical challenge and social interaction.  I feel sharp, focused and energetic all day after I go to class.

2) What is the best adventure you've been on?

The best adventure I've been on so far was a five day backpacking trip in the high Sierra mountains last summer.  It was 60 miles and 10,000 feet total elevation gain.  It was equally challenging and rewarding both physically and mentally.  It felt great to be completely unplugged for five days.

3) Who and what inspires you in your daily life?

I'm inspired by people who always treat others with kindness and respect no matter how difficult the situation may be.

4) Do you have any secret talents or skills that most people don't know about?

I know I have some secret talents, but they're so secretive I haven't discovered them yet.  I'm on the look out.

5) If you could change the world in one way, what would you do?

I would make sure everyone in the world had clean drinking water.  

Client Spotlight - Robert & Irene Minkowsky

1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What brought you to class?

(R) I have been training with Alex for about 4 years. He is an incredible trainer and I will go to work out with him wherever he teaches. The bond with other people that develops from working out in a group is very strong. 
(Ir) I trained at least 4 years with Alex, long before Revision Athletics. I feel I know him well and the more I spend time with him, the more I love him. 

2) What have you learned by training with Revision Athletics?

(R) That there is no limit to what you can accomplish physically, mentally or emotionally. Pushing yourself physically helps develop the mental strength necessary to make changes in other aspects of one’s life. Holding a 3 minute plank goes a long way.   
(Ir) I learned at Revision Athletics that exercise can be lots of fun, age has nothing to do with fitness and if you want, you can!

3) Do you have any adventures planned or on your wish list?

(R) I would like to walk the Camino of Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage walk in northern Spain.
(Ir) I would like to visit the land of Israel to mingle and be exposed to the history of different religions and the beauty of the country. I would also like to better understand the current conflicts.

4) What are you passionate about?

(R) Studying financial markets. 
(Ir) I am passionate about learning and challenging myself while bringing happiness and healing around me.

5) What’s something most people don’t know about you two?

(R) We met in medical school in an anatomy dissection lab. Our eyes met across a crowded room of cadavers. They have been locked together ever since.
(Ir) I love fashion and design, colors and fabrics, light perfume essences, originality and elegance.

Client Spotlight - Ian Ashcraft-Williams

1) How would you describe yourself to someone you just met? 

I would describe myself as someone who is pretty quiet and shy when meeting people for the first time. I'd like to think I am laid back, curious, kind, and a hard worker. I also have a little bit of a competitive streak.

2)  When did you first start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? Why did you start?

I started working out with Alex 2 years ago and joined Revision Athletics the first week he opened it. I started group workouts because I found myself in a bad cycle. I would exercise for a week, maybe two, then do nothing for an extended period. I was feeling lethargic physically and mentally, and I needed a change because exercising alone wasn't working. I was also engaged at the time, and wanted to feel healthy and confident for the wedding.

3) How has your life changed since starting taking classes?

I am definitely more physically fit, but I'm able to focus better mentally too. I am a little more carefree and don't get stressed easily. I am more appreciative/present. There is something about waking up early, exercising outside, and seeing the sunrise over the city that makes you feel happy to be alive. And I have met some wonderful people in class.

4)  Who do you look up to?

I look up to my Mom. She raised two children by herself and was able to give us all the things she didn't have when she was a kid. She is compassionate, smart, fearless, giving, and has a relentless work ethic. She is the best!

5) Do you have any special skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

I can bake a mean snickerdoodle cookie.

Trainer Spotlight - Whitney Lynn

1) What made you want to be a coach with Revision Athletics?

I moved to San Francisco just over four years ago and spent the first few months looking for a gym in the city that fit my athletic goals. Each gym I joined had great equipment, knowledgable trainers, and fun classes, but I kept thinking it was so crazy that I lived in this beautiful city and was running on a treadmill. After my first class with Alex, I was hooked. I've spent the past year learning more and more about outdoor, functional fitness and want to spread the fun to our clients. 

2) What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love being outside -- running, hiking, backpacking, abalone diving, scuba diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, triathlons, yoga -- it really doesn't matter. I just enjoy adventures. Other than that, I love hanging out with friends, wine, bourbon, and I've recently taken up knitting (it's really relaxing). 

3) What are some things that people may not know about you?
- I use to show horses when I was younger. 
- I also took synchronized swimming classes.
- I've mountain biked in Moab, the Grand Canyon, Zion, Needles, and Death Valley.
- I once walked 700 miles across Spain on the Santiago de Compostela. My lifelong goal is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail
- I moved to San Francisco by way of Dallas-Maine-Spain-and London
- I'm fluent in Spanish

Follow Whitney on instagram @whitneylynnfitness or email her at

Trainer Spotlight - Alex Ho

KK6A5206 2.jpg

1) What made you want to start Revision Athletics?

Over the 5 years of being in the fitness industry I've learned a lot and have developed my own philosophy about what fitness means and how to approach it. By starting Revision Athletics I'm able to bring this philosophy to a larger audience and put it into practice. I am also very excited about the challenge of starting up and running a small business which I never saw myself doing.

2) Why the name Revision Athletics?

I chose revision because people who are coming to us are looking to revise something about their life. Whether they want to switch up their workout routine, lose weight, become faster, or get better sleep, we can help them. I encourage people to embrace who they already are and be clear about what they want to change. Don't try to become someone else, find what attributes in that person you appreciate and work towards those.  

3) What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love being out on the trails running or hiking around. Besides that, I started taking flamenco guitar lessons until my teacher moved back to Barcelona, I play tennis, go to see movies, read (mostly about fitness or health related stuff), and of course enjoy going out with friends to grab a drink. I'm always searching for a new adventure or for new skills to learn.

4) So since you're a trainer, you must have to always be moving right?

One would think that is the case but I do love sitting down and popping in a movie when I can. Between teaching classes, training clients, and training myself, I get very tired by the end of the day. I'm usually in bed by 9-9:30pm....which makes dating a little more difficult.

 5) What are some things that people may not know about you?

I'm actually an introvert. I think that's why I am able to do these long races and runs without going insane. I recharge when I'm alone but also love the energy that comes from going in front of a class to teach. If you throw me in a big party where I don't know anyone, I'll probably be that awkward guy standing by the food table stuffing his face.
Other random facts: 
- I used to collect lighters (I may have been a pyro growing up).
- Origami was one of my favorite ways to pass time as a kid.
- I'm pretty good a bar games (darts, pool, shuffleboard, etc).
- I grew up with sports induced asthma and used to hate running.