Client Spotlight - Robert & Irene Minkowsky

1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What brought you to class?

(R) I have been training with Alex for about 4 years. He is an incredible trainer and I will go to work out with him wherever he teaches. The bond with other people that develops from working out in a group is very strong. 
(Ir) I trained at least 4 years with Alex, long before Revision Athletics. I feel I know him well and the more I spend time with him, the more I love him. 

2) What have you learned by training with Revision Athletics?

(R) That there is no limit to what you can accomplish physically, mentally or emotionally. Pushing yourself physically helps develop the mental strength necessary to make changes in other aspects of one’s life. Holding a 3 minute plank goes a long way.   
(Ir) I learned at Revision Athletics that exercise can be lots of fun, age has nothing to do with fitness and if you want, you can!

3) Do you have any adventures planned or on your wish list?

(R) I would like to walk the Camino of Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage walk in northern Spain.
(Ir) I would like to visit the land of Israel to mingle and be exposed to the history of different religions and the beauty of the country. I would also like to better understand the current conflicts.

4) What are you passionate about?

(R) Studying financial markets. 
(Ir) I am passionate about learning and challenging myself while bringing happiness and healing around me.

5) What’s something most people don’t know about you two?

(R) We met in medical school in an anatomy dissection lab. Our eyes met across a crowded room of cadavers. They have been locked together ever since.
(Ir) I love fashion and design, colors and fabrics, light perfume essences, originality and elegance.