Clint Spotlight - Priya Bhasin


1) When did you start training with Alex and Revision Athletics? What brought you to class and keeps you coming back?

November 2, 2015, right after I did my first race (a 10k)! I was always scared to try group workouts because I'm not a great runner, but doing the 10k gave me confidence to try Revision! The supportive, amazingly warm group of people, plus the results I'm seeing in my fitness level keep me coming back. I love working out outdoors! 

2) Has your life changed since you’ve started taking these classes? If not, is there anything in life you’d like to change?

YES!!!! I have even more energy than before, I'm stronger than I knew was possible (and getting stronger each week)! I'm learning to value strength & fitness over weight loss alone. I've also learned to exercise in the morning, which is something I once said I would "never" do.

3) What is something you want people to know about you?

That I secretly want to be a natural/holistic foods chef. Oops, secret's out! 

4) Do you have any secret talents or skills that most people don’t know about?

I make a mean green smoothie, I am a great trip/party planner, I love to dance (especially Latin music, hip hop etc). Oh, I also can open a coconut with a machete!

5) What are some challenges you want to take on this year, either physically, mentally, spiritually, or professionally? 

1. I'm trying to get better at meditating
2. I'm taking hip hop classes & would like to get better at becoming more coordinated
3. I would like to buy a bike this year to ride for exercise & fun
4. I am planning to do a sprint triathlon in September (if I can get a bike & over my fear of swimming in open water!)