Class Schedule

MONDAY, Kezar Stadium

Kezar Endurance, 6am

Kezar Endurance, 7am


TUESDAY, Municipal Pier 

Natural Strength, 6am

Natural Strength, 7am

TUESDAY, BEI Hotel (8th & Market)

 BEI Strong, 12pm

THURSDAY, Palace of Fine Arts

Athletic Movement, 6am

Athletic Movement, 7am


FRIDAY, Fort Mason Festival Pavilion

Outdoor Circuit, 6am

Outdoor Circuit, 7am


Kezar Stadium, 670 Kezar Dr.


Municipal Pier, 3299 Van Ness Ave.


Palace of Fine Arts, 2498 Bay Street


Fort Mason Festival Pavilion


Single Class

5 Class Pack

10 Class Pack

20 Class Pack

* Each package will expire 3 months after first use with no refunds available.
* Client will be charged for cancellations within 1 hour of the start of class.


$100 ($20/class)

$180 ($18/class)

$320 ($16/class)

$150 / Month

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