Integrating Fitness into your Life

Life happens. We grow up, buy houses, get married, have kids and lose our free time. We take jobs with an hour plus commute each way and run out of time in our day. We get injured, get hungry, or get lazy and stop our fitness routine. There are ways to fix this. 

Below are 3 ways you can start integrating exercise back into your day:

1) Start by putting more value on your time and health. Treat them both like you'd treat your child. If you let one thing get in the way of your fitness you'll start letting others. Don't let others compromise or give yourself an excuse to skip a workout or eat poorly. 

2) Find an activity or exercise you enjoy doing and do it. Whether it's hiking, running, weight training, tennis, or golf, those are all forms of exercise. Remember that it doesn't have to be hard to be effective and you are more likely to exercise if you enjoy it.

3) Gather a support group. Start by telling your closest friends and family about your lifestyle change and what you're planning on doing. If there response is positive and encouraging then they are good people to have in your close circle. If anyone responds with skepticism or doubt then you may want to question their intentions in your relationship.

Once you have these three things steps done all you need to do is MOVE!